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Your blog image is more than just a logo that identifies your product or service. Many business owners do not think too much about it, but is definitely plays an important role. They associate it with expenses and unnecessary fluff that do not add value to their offerings. They are too focused on their business that they forget about it often. On the other hand, consumers associate brand images on every interaction they have with your business.

Blog images matters a lot. Here are a few reasons why:

  • They make an impression. Making a good impression is important – especially in business. Your consumers will create an impression based on images used in your website. Call it superficial, but even this small detail is a point of contact with your potential customers. You need high quality images to achieve this.
  • They create recognition. Your blog images involve your relationship with your consumers. That’s why it is important to choose images that tie into your company’s culture and values. Stock Photo Secrets’ curated library is filled with high quality images that you will not find anywhere else. They are surely a great way to distinguish yourself from your competitors.

Keep in mind that good marketing photos are good marketing. There are a number of sources in the market, but not all of them promise exclusivity, high quality and affordability. With Stock Photo Secrets, you get all. The website has millions of hand-picked premium royalty free images in its library, organized in various categories.

Here are other things that make Stock Photo Secrets a great blog images source:

  • Over 4 million curated images
  • Curate and share your own lightboxes
  • Follow your favorite artists
  • Download in super high resolution
  • Professional royalty free license
  • Images you download are yours to use forever

Create a free browsing account and discover millions of high-quality images. Find your plan and start on your creative projects now!

Two Main Types of Cheap Stock Photos

There are many types of cheap stock photos but these two are still the main – Royalty Free and Rights Managed. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You just have to determine your creative needs and budget to make sure you are purchasing the right type for your projects.


  • Royalty Free does not mean the cheap stock photos are free of charge. They are available for a small amount of money. The free in royalty free means that the images are available for a one-time flat fee. You do not have to pay for royalties every time you use the stock photos. Download ones and use the images multiple times without additional fees. You can use RF images with no time limit, too. However, there is only a limited number of how many images you can reproduce. They are also not as well executed as the next main type of stock photos.
  • Rights Managed is another main type of cheap stock photos. With this type, you have a lot of fees to consider. The final price of the images will depend on a number of factors, such as usage, media, location, print size, duration, and industry type. Unlike royalty free, RM images include exclusivity rights. If you want to use the images for your branding, you can purchase these rights so other competitors, especially your competitors, won’t be able to use the image in their own campaign. They often have higher quality, but it does not mean that they are more expensive. As we said, it still depends on a number of factors.

Most creative professionals use royalty free on their creative projects as they offer more freedom. While they have a few restrictions, they can be used in any project for as long as possible without additional fees. However, RF cheap stock photos are not as perfect as customized photos. They are only a close approximation of the originally conceived idea. Nevertheless, they are still effective. Plus, they are cheap and quick to acquire.

While they may not be a perfect solution, they can still deliver. You just have to find the right cheap stock photos for your projects. If you don’t want to use the images used in other sites, dig deeper through the page results. You may find the image you need that has not been overused.

Stock photography has its own merits and demerits. When you are on a tight budget and time constraint, you may find it as the best solution for your creative needs. They don’t require much time and expenses for lengthy photoshoots, but some may look a little stock-y. But this disadvantage can be reversed. You just have to take your time in finding the right cheap stock photos. Don’t give up. They are there – deep down.

Cheap Stock Photos 101: What, Where and Why

cheap stock imagesCheap stock photos are a great way to attract people to your blog, websites or campaign. They are eye candy for majority of readers. It is no wonder that the stock photo industry has become a definite success. They allow you to browse through millions of images that are ready to use in your creative projects, relieving you from the stressful and expensive efforts of hiring a professional photographer and conducting a time-consuming photoshoot.

What are stock photos?

what are cheap stock photos

Cheap stock images are licensed images, available in bulk rate, used for web, print and media. They cover a wide range of subjects such as people, animals, fashion, and landscape among many others. They are available for download and use for a price much cheaper than having your own photographs made. However, regardless the number of times the images are bought, the photographer retains the copyright.

Where can you get them?

Stock photos cheap are offered in cheap stock photo sites for a price. Available in flexible pricing and plans, they are better than the free photos that scatter all over search engines because they include the license you need to download and use them for whatever purpose. Reliable stock photo databases like Shutterstock and iStock have millions of images at multiple shapes, colors and resolutions. You can pay for what you need.

Why get cheap stock photos?

Cheap photos greatly enhances your blog, website and campaign. Since people are visual creatures, adding images to your project increases the number of your followers by attracting more readers and encouraging sharing. It also creates a premium experience by giving your project a more professional feel. More importantly, it establishes your brand in the eyes of your readers.

Cheap images are not only good for your readers. They boost your page rank in Google, as long as you tag them appropriately. They also drive relevant traffic to your website or blog. Keep in mind that tagging them accurately and appropriately is important to keep Google from labelling you as spammer.

Another important note to consider is that cheap stock images are owned by the photographers who took them or contributors who created them. This means that you should not indiscriminately get free photos in Google without permission. Doing so will lead eventually to copyright infringement notices.

Do you think you know everything about cheap stock photos? These basic facts about stock photos will help you understand their importance to the success of your creative projects. Knowing where to get them legally will also keep you from taking down images from your website or worse paying a hefty fine. Cheap photos, when used appropriately, can attract more readers and bring great traffic to your website.

Making Cheap Stock Photos Work with Content Marketing

cheap stock photos for businessVisual content is the king of market, but what happens if you do not have the budget for expensive photoshoots? Do you a try a simple Google search and download the first free image that shows in the results? Or, do you go without image on your copy? If you are browsing through Google image search right now, stop. While the search engine may tell you the images are approved for commercial use, you do not want to risk your brand image.

Cheap Stock Photos Sources

What comes to your mind when you hear cheap stock images? Do you think about generic pictures with ROI and content in them? While generic images are one of the forms of stock photos, they do not usually inspire readers. On the other hand, stock photos cheap do. You can get them in various cheap stock photo sites. Here are three of the best sources:

  • Shutterstock. Shutterstock has over 60 million images in its library, which means it has everything you need to complete your projects. The cheap stock photo site also offers other creative files, including illustrations, videos and audio clips. It has subscriptions and images on demand for every budget.
  • iStock. Another cheap stock photo agency that offers incredible stock and flexible pricing is iStock. Recently acquired by Getty Images, iStock has millions of royalty-free images, graphics, videos and audio clips – all offered at ridiculously great prices. From emoji to family picture, you can find it all here.
  • Depositphotos. If you are looking for royalty-free cheap stock images and high definition footage, Depositphotos has millions of them. The stock agency offers them at the best prices. Get a subscription to fill your creative needs now.

Learn about Licenses

stock photo license

There are two types of license that cheap stock photo sites include with their images: Standard and Extended. The Standard license allows you to use the image anywhere you want for as long as it takes. However, it only allows limited print runs and is not available for resale. If you need more print runs and the authorization for resale, you should get the Extended license for an additional fee.

Cheap stock images can be powerful. They express emotion and authenticity. The above cheap stock photo sites provide the largest collection of captivating photography that articulates feelings. When choosing from millions of choices, you should make sure that you choose the images that enhance your message, can be repurposed in social, and are not widely used.

How often do you use cheap stock photos in your content? Where do you usually go to find inspiration? We hope that the above tips can help you find the images that work for your marketing.

Important Facts that will Make you Love Photocase

popular-images-in-photocase-stock-photo-agencyMany stock photo agencies scatter all over the Internet, offering the creative community with millions of stock images for their various projects. While most surely provide high quality images at very low prices, there are others that simply do not have what it takes to become one of the best. Photocase splits from that group of typical stock agencies by providing the creative folks with unique and modern images at prices that will suit their budgets.

photocase logo

  • Photocase offers discount codes to help their customers save more money. Yes, the website itself provides discount codes in its monthly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook page. When you buy images from the website, you can use these codes to save more. In addition, affiliated websites such as also offers a Photocase coupon code to further your discounts.
  • The website also allows you to purchase a single image by using the Instant Buy option found on the photo detail image. Instead of paying for Photocase credits, you will be paying in dollars that you can pay via invoice, PayPal or direct debit – if you are located in Austria or Germany. Moreover, you do not have to register an account if you only need to download one image.
  • What makes Photocase special? Every image you see in the library is hand-picked by a team of highly creative individuals. It has a collection of strongly curated images, which you cannot find anywhere else. The photographers of the website do not mass produce their photos and only upload real-life images. Although it is not as big as other archives, it will help you find exactly what you are looking for in less time.
  • Do you have a problem understanding some of the terms used in the website? No problem. Photocase has a glossary where you can check out meanings of words you meet for the first time. This allows you to understand the website better and their core as you search for images that will suit your creative needs and, of course, your budget.
  • The website also sends notifications when you subscribe to the comment made on forums, News items and the image themselves. If you turn on notifications, you will be notified everytime someone leaves a comment on your photos or add a new thread on a forum. In a word, it works pretty much like Facebook’s notifications.


There are a number of things to love about Photocase. The fact that the website has an amazing archive of unique and inspiring photos is already a sweet feature. Also, the availability of discount codes, offered by the stock agencies and its affiliated websites, makes using Photocase as one of your image sources a sure-win. Seriously, what is there not to love about Photocase photography?