Important Facts that will Make you Love Photocase

popular-images-in-photocase-stock-photo-agencyMany stock photo agencies scatter all over the Internet, offering the creative community with millions of stock images for their various projects. While most surely provide high quality images at very low prices, there are others that simply do not have what it takes to become one of the best. Photocase splits from that group of typical stock agencies by providing the creative folks with unique and modern images at prices that will suit their budgets.

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  • Photocase offers discount codes to help their customers save more money. Yes, the website itself provides discount codes in its monthly newsletter, Twitter and Facebook page. When you buy images from the website, you can use these codes to save more. In addition, affiliated websites such as also offers a Photocase coupon code to further your discounts.
  • The website also allows you to purchase a single image by using the Instant Buy option found on the photo detail image. Instead of paying for Photocase credits, you will be paying in dollars that you can pay via invoice, PayPal or direct debit – if you are located in Austria or Germany. Moreover, you do not have to register an account if you only need to download one image.
  • What makes Photocase special? Every image you see in the library is hand-picked by a team of highly creative individuals. It has a collection of strongly curated images, which you cannot find anywhere else. The photographers of the website do not mass produce their photos and only upload real-life images. Although it is not as big as other archives, it will help you find exactly what you are looking for in less time.
  • Do you have a problem understanding some of the terms used in the website? No problem. Photocase has a glossary where you can check out meanings of words you meet for the first time. This allows you to understand the website better and their core as you search for images that will suit your creative needs and, of course, your budget.
  • The website also sends notifications when you subscribe to the comment made on forums, News items and the image themselves. If you turn on notifications, you will be notified everytime someone leaves a comment on your photos or add a new thread on a forum. In a word, it works pretty much like Facebook’s notifications.


There are a number of things to love about Photocase. The fact that the website has an amazing archive of unique and inspiring photos is already a sweet feature. Also, the availability of discount codes, offered by the stock agencies and its affiliated websites, makes using Photocase as one of your image sources a sure-win. Seriously, what is there not to love about Photocase photography?